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25 years later

Ed and Harp began as a property development company.

We have provided beautifully designed and finished homes for some amazing people. Over time we have developed a great team of craftsman whom we trust completely. Our attention to detail and design is unsurpassed. In these two areas we are second to none. The concept of a dedicated Kitchen Bedroom business has been considered for some time. 

Without doubt we believe we can and will improve in what we see happening in our local areas regarding Quality of design and above all else the Quality of the workmanship. 

Key aspect to consider.


Communication is an integral part of our business we feel this aspect is overlooked in the industry. We are always at hand to answer your questions and give any advice you may need.


Our product range is formidable it brings together premium quality products sourced both in the UK and abroad. Our cabinets are cam and dowelled and bespoke made to measure and are purpose built to fit your individual Kitchen or Bedroom. They are colour coordinated which gives an even greater premium touch to the finished product.


Our door range Is extensive and premium quality there are many styles to choose from.  Classic to Modern Traditional 1909 and contemporary. Using the highest quality materials to produce our furniture finish in oak, ash, and hand-painted finishes.


Choose from our extensive range of high-quality paints and veneers to compliment and highlight each part of your kitchen or bedroom. Each shade and pallet has been hand selected by our designers to create colour combinations that truly complement each other. The result is stunning kitchens and bedrooms that represent a complete change to our client’s lifestyle.


We incorporate mid-range to high end range products to help meet our clients’ budgets. 


One of the elements that sets Ed & Harp apart is our dedication to perfection. We don’t use any materials, appliances or accessories that have not met industry standards. And our own rigorous quality standards. Every element, however small, receives the same attention to detail and precise craftsmanship. We are meticulous in our design, in our craftsmanship and in our installations, all of which results in kitchens and bedrooms that are perfect in every way.


We’re so confident of the enduring quality of what we produce, we give a 10-year guarantee on all our furniture. This means you can be confident that the standards we have set ourselves are incredibly high. And if there are any issues in the future all you must do is get in touch and we will take from there.

We want all our clients to be delighted and completely satisfied when they invest in both of us one of our designs. This is our top priority. Exceptional client satisfaction is at the very heart of our business model and is an essential part of what we believe makes us different.

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Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern kitchen we have a massive selection of kitchens available for you.